A Start: Some problems, Some ideas

Thursday, February 10 2011 @ 08:58 PM MST

Contributed by: ShaunteCham

I've started coding my OS' first Application. There are no errors in the code currently, however, privacy issues and questions arise. I may restart it in another language. I've started on one of the main apps. I'm making it a web app, but there are possible security issues with that. I'm going to not allow anyone to have the option of copying the URL of a link or to view source through the viewer. I suppose I could write it all in C++ and simple have it fetch information from databases stored on my site. There are fewer issues, but then I would need to use or write libraries that aren't native to Windows, since I'm going to allow most applications for download without the OS.

1:Should I make the applications I make opensource?
2:Should I base it off of a Linux boot such as Ubuntu or hard code the entire thing?
3:Should I add osc, oscpp support?(Basically, my idea is that it could compile and run the osc files as c files. The trick is, osc would just be renamed c project zips, so that the name could be changed to .zip and used as a directory. The same applies for the others. osc stands for open source C.

A reply:
1: Probably. It's a plus to have things adaptable, since there are definitely a portion of teachers who can program (A.K.A. math teachers :P).
2: Whatever would yield a better result.
3: Dunno.

My thoughts on the reply:
1:I think that that makes sense. (I personally believe that most math teachers may know more about computers than the average computer teacher XD)
2:I think that the first release should use a Linux boot just to test and work out the bugs, and have the second OS release use a hard coded version.
3:Let me rephrase that:Do you think that anyone would use it? I think it's more effecient and allows easier opensource with more ease of transfer. However, there is the problem of multiplatform support, but I guess I could write a piece of code to convert the .os? with a .exe file by building it. I don't know what I would do for Macs though. I suppose a making a proxy program runner would be very inefficient. I think that I would have to leave them out of this one.

I added a default iPhone image to the website too, but that doesn't matter. The website isn't the priority, which is why I haven't ported the text to and iPhone readable version.

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